Our general public is being tore separated by virtue of erotica and it harmfully affects watchers. Explicit entertainment tempts individuals to submit sexual brutality, as it attacks your mind, convincing you to transform into a copycat. Nonetheless, the private s3x that is shared between an adoring couple doesn’t really have these qualities. The reason for erotica is to give you a universe of imagination and a fleeting rush to which you eventually turn into a slave. It is unsafe to your mind as well as your marriage and sexual coexistence. Porn taints your marriage and s3xual coexistence precisely like microscopic organisms does to your well being. It dehumanizes us and transforms us into a predator who sees others as prey, blinding us to the mankind and respect of each individual.
1.It Affect On Your Married Life

Yes, of coerce p0rn affect on married life because you start doing things which you have seen in the p0rn and you spoil your night. Because p0rnstar are professional in doing weird things while having s3x.
2.It Affect On Your Brain

Porn affects the brain negatively, as it makes one “addictive,” promotes normalization of rape, inflicts “marriage life,” and “equates violence with s3x,” encourages “group s3x,” “risky s3xual behavior” and infidelity
3.It Disrespects Woman

It disrespects woman as objects who enjoy pain and humiliation, as they are shown being raped, ejaculated on, urinated on, beaten, sodomized and are meant only to fulfill fleshly gratification.
4.Harmful For Minors

Accidentally you may be caught watching porn or run into your adult magazines, by your children and that could turn very harmful to their mind as well.
5.It Make Men Aggressive

Porn undermines men’s inhibitions against rape and spurs some to commit it through abusing and raping women.
6.Sex Become Self Serving

Sex becomes self-serving. It’s all about your pleasure and not the self-giving, mutually reciprocating intimacy that it was designed for.
7.It Makes You Lazy

It turns you lazy because you spend hours and hours in front of the screen to satisfy your lust through porn. You waste all your strength behind masturbation.
8.It’s Addictive

Porn is like drug, Once you watch it you want it more and more. you cannot control yourself once you start watching p0rn.

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